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Doc Formats

Default delivery format for Sinhalese and English translation is E-mail text or attachment. For more on our methods of delivery follow the 'Delivery' link above. In some cases, where content demands special layout, your translation will be done in MS Word 97/2000 for Windows format. Upon request we can deliver your order in other formats - do not forget to state precisely what you need. We accept for translation:

  • MS Word for Windows compatible documents in any format (DOC, RTF, WRI, TXT, etc.)
  • Text files, E-mail text, HTML documents
  • Image files with clearly readable text: AL, AWD, BMP, DCX, EPS, FLM, FLP, GIF, ICB, IFF, IMG, JPG, KQP, MAC, MPT, PCD, PCT, PCX, PDD, PDF, PIC, PSD, PX1, PXR, RAW, RLE, SCT, SLD, TGA, TIF, VDA, VST, XIF.
Please avoid sending formats that do not compress well. JPG and GIF files are your best choice .We do not usually accept documents containing active scripts, macros, executables, etc and your documents should be sent via E-mail in almost all the cases.
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