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About us

Sinhalese Translation Agency is the leading Sinhalese - English translation service on the World Wide Web. We are proud to announce a record turnover for 2002, showing a 100% increase in 2001. Our vision began, when we established our agency for the first time in Sri Lanka, over 20 years ago, as to provide quality, timely, and affordable services while building and sustaining close working relationships with our customers. Next we stepped into the World Wide Web as to expand our horizons and to provide a more dedicated global service.

We specialize in translating documents and web sites from English to Sinhalese and Sinhalese to English. Please take a look at our services page. Our personal and business clients span many industries, including legal, medical, computer technology, marketing, manufacturing and the general business community. All our Project Manager , Translators and Proof readers have over 8 years of experience working in the translation industry, a widespread knowledge of the translation process, a strong technical background and exceptional written and verbal communication skills.

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