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Welcome to Sinhalese Translation Agency

Languages embody a reference system for human philosophy and performance, in that these contribute in the edifice of the 'Vision of the World' and of the 'Action in the World' of the speaker. They who speak are constrained within the categories and divisions their mother tongue imposes upon them, within a unique vision of the world, which is incompatible with any other way of perceiving the exterior reality.

While the revolutionary globalization, which is driven by the convergence and proliferation of information, is classically the preeminent way of meeting the challenges of operating internationally, sometimes our customer's requirements are as straightforward as translation. No one else does it better and faster than Sinhalese Translation Agency ( S T A ).

STA's Sinhalese language project managers , translators, editors and proof- readers are dedicated specialists who speed up the flow of work and guarantee the timely completion of your projects. All Sinhalese language translators working for our agency are Native Sinhalese speakers and Long-time Sinhalese translators who have at least 8 years of experience in translating , in addition to their exceptional language abilities.

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