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Sinhalese Translation Agency
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Translation Rates

English into Sinhalese     and    Sinhalese into English
Minimum charge = one A4 page rate.
Standard Module A US $ 30.00 per A4 page
(about 350 words at US $ 0.085 per word)
Medium Module B US $ 40.00 per A4 page
(about 350 words at US $ 0.114 per word)
Specialist Module C US $ 50.00 per A4 page
(about 350 words at US $ 0.142 per word)
Proofreading and editing
All proofreading and/or editing is charged at $0.05 per word
N.B : Modules refer to the translation documents we have indicated. All fees rates are negotiable . If you have any questions regarding the fee for a specific translation document please E-mail us.
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