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How you receive it

There are a number of ways that we will send you the translated documents/projects . The documents will be created as in the exact format you specify . Fees will be different one from the other , depending on your choice. For instance , charges for a client who requested the translated documents on a CD via the post will be a bit higher whereas fax delivary costs are relatively low. Below is the list of our methods of delivery.

  • E-mail (ASCII/Plain text, Microsoft Word 97/2000, HTML,
               GIF or JPG image of the text as attachment
  • Fax
  • Regular Mail - CD , Floppy Diskette or the text (including postal/shipping charges)

Please feel free to choose from the list - the items are numbered for your convenience. Just don't forget to tell us the number of your preferred format. If you have in mind some format not listed here, suggest it - we are prepared to consider other formats.

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