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Tips when you have it translated...

1. The translators should be native speakers of the target language.
This is the most important factor when you are going to have something translated .We have seen a lot of foreign translation companies on the web, who say that they translate documents into 'Sinhalese', but even without having a clear procedure like other languages they offer.

As far as we know , there should be an organised and special procedure to deal with a specific language as to translate it. And that is what we are commited for. Customers never expect to have Sinhalese slangs and colloquial language in their formal documents. That's why you have to do it with a proffessional and experienced team like us.

We still do not see how these impostors translate customers' projects/documents into Sinhalese, even without knowing what the language's cultural influences and correct grammatical usage are.

Find out the importance of a 'LONG TIME EXPERIENCE' ....
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